Rekonect Refill Paper

Rekonect Refill Paper

The paper for the Rekonect Magnetic Notebook measures 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) by 8 inches (20.32 centimeters) and is 98 gsm. The edge of the paper has a patent pending mixture that is durable and long wearing that allows the page to adhere to the spine of the notebook seamlessly, while still having a sleek design when removed. Packs of paper come in a total of 60 sheets, or 120 pages.  Currently our paper can come in five different designs: blank, line, graph, dotted or staff. You can order one of these designs or mix and match, you can even print your own with our PDF files.

  • Lined paper: The lined paper is the most versatile paper that we offer and is ideal for taking notes in class or a morning meeting, making to do lists to organize a busy day or even all three.
  • Graph paper: For the mathematicians in the world that need a place to graph their equations easily. These sheets can even be put in between lined pages so you can take notes and graph without the hassle of using two different notebooks.
  • Dotted paper: The dotted paper is for the artists that need to something to easily map out what they are drawing to give their work the desired precision.
  • Staff paper: The staff paper is for the musicians, allowing them to write down every tune that may come into their head and take out the pages so that they can be rearranged to achieve the desired sound.